Mirrored Love

  • Description
    • Mirrored Love is a runner game made with AS3, where you control simultaneously two lovers running in parallel worlds. Due to their jumps being synchronized, one of them may end up stuck behind the scrolling... Watch out and keep them both alive ! [This game offers a one-button gameplay : Spacebar to jump !]

      Use the Spacebar to Jump, R to restart and Esc to go back to the level selection menu.

      Use M to mute the game.

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One Review to Mirrored Love

  1. Alibaba on August 9th, 2016 6:28 am

    I am OK with Cliff B changing the model from F2P to B2P if the game has enough content to justify the price. I am not OK with it being B2P if Nexon is behind it. I&1quo;ll wait and see.