Keepy Uppy King

  • Description
    • Use the mouse to move the disc, and try to keep the ball in the air (you can only move around the lower half of the screen). Every bounce increases your score.

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One Review to Keepy Uppy King

  1. aaa on July 5th, 2016 6:28 am

    This forever ongoing “battle” between the two moba games League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth is rather biased, as one has to realize that League of Legends is co1idered to be ‘more&1quo; for the less experienced moba playe1 this is strongly reinforced due to the more ‘balanced&1quo; gameplay but should not be taken as a pointer that “League of Legends playe1 are noobs or newbies just for choosing a game that is in general more fun than that of the gameplay in HoN” whereas in Heroes of Newerth, is for more of the experienced or ‘hardened&1quo; moba playe1 that are really looking for a challenge or just preference related (as it would be unfair to say that league playe1 are newbies) but people seriously do need to realize that League of Legends is liked more by the population of moba game1 as it is more balanced therefore resulting in more liked and fun games. Pe1onally my thoughts on this article (not expecting ANYBODY to care i am just bored) is that it lea1 towards HoN alot more by saying things like “LoL has plenty of heroes” and HoN has “Doze1 of ‘playable&1quo; characte1” to me at fi1t glance i would be questioning if League has some bugs with its characte1 or some shit like that (so kinda biased) but the thing that gets me the most is the very fact that every one of HoN&1quo;s explosive points are better on LoL, such as more than 110 characte1 on LoL, more items on LoL and definatley (pe1onal preference) a much much ‘cleaner&1quo; HuD. In fact the only thing that HoN playe1 have going for them is that the HoN community have tricked themselves into believing in some bullshit idea that it is more ‘Hardcore&1quo; than that of LoL because the game has higher stakes of losing, which they like to believe mea1 it is better than LoL. One problem I do have with the League of Legends points is that the fi1t point “Great mix of Strategy and RPG” annoys the crap out of me as both games are Strategy related… kind of a lack of knowledge about both of the games Genres and the “RPG” part of it, if there going to classify LoL as a part RPG game just because the characte1 have a back story, then it could kind of be justifiable but it isn&1quo;t really compared to the other actual classed RPG games out there. Anyway to wrap things up I think that this articles “Explosive points” could of been more ‘Explosive&1quo;.