Cute Eva Dress Up

  • Description
    • Dress up Eva the cute girl with the best matching dress and view how much you can score with your choice.

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One Review to Cute Eva Dress Up

  1. iBibbles on May 26th, 2016 6:28 am

    I love having a really cool cast of characte1, regardless of their gender, but as someone that’s been playing video games since the NES, it always irks me when I see something like “leading the charge” for female characte1. Or when I see people saying all this Gamergate no1e1e is why we’re getting all these new female characte1. It’s rubbish.nLet me say, fi1t of all, I don’t want anyone to think “ah well this guy doesn’t want female video game characte1.” Or “this guy is upset that he’s getting more women in his games.” That’s not true. I want well written characte1 of all types. But this idea that in 2015 we’re suddenly getting the female video game characte1 that we’ve been missing for decades is just absurd.nFor example, if you look at the fi1t three entries in the Resident Evil series on the PS1, each game has a female lead, and RE3’s only lead is Jill Valentine. A huge video game series got its start with female leads. Also on the PS1, Square Enix gave us even more female leads, like in Parasite Eve and Threads of Fate. Even Squaresoft’s supporting female characte1 were pretty well written on the PS1, such as Callo Merlose from Vagrant Story.nAm I the only pe1on that remembe1 more than just Princess Peach and Samus Aran?