Cute World – Doggie Shower

  • Description
    • "Cute World - Doggie Shower" is an interactive game based on Cute World animated series. This time you are Kitty, who is looking for a balanced Cute World and has to jump over doggies to collect fruits.

Review Cute World – Doggie Shower

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One Review to Cute World – Doggie Shower

  1. HughDarrow on February 10th, 2016 6:28 am

    I think that is where the “intentionally or not” part of that quote comes into play. No 10 year old is saying “I’m looking forward to a deco1truction of traditional conceptio1 of femininity tonight”, but whether they realized it or not, having sub-text like that in the show would influence you and could explain part of the reason you end up liking the show; even if you’re not explicitly aware of it, or don’t have the language yet to describe what that “it” is.nThat crazy, androgynous, nightie wearing lobster villain resulted in part from being able to play around with the image of what a traditional male villain is like.