Magic Snow Wedding

  • Description
    • It is cold outside but this young's girl heart is warm with love. Today is her wedding day and she needs your precious help in choosing a warm yet astonishing modern outfit for her wedding. Help her to be the most beautiful winter bride ever! You can choose from so many items: hats, hair styling, capes, dresses and jewelries.rnShe wants to be safe from cold but also to charm her chosen one and all the audience with her elegancy. In girl games like this you can find very intuitive solutions to different outfit problems that you can later apply even in the real life fashion! Enjoy!

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One Review to Magic Snow Wedding

  1. SuicidalSnorlax on February 2nd, 2016 6:28 am

    Don&1quo;t thank us, thank your selves for being so darn AWESOME MMOBomb! The only gripe I have about that number is that its to small. 1,000,000 unique visito1? pff.. more like 10 gazillion every day! I hope mmobomb grows even larger this next year. 😀
    p.s. Don&1quo;t ever become a MMOHut xP (sorry spunkify)