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One Review to Alien

  1. TheAntiAntiHype on January 22nd, 2016 6:28 am

    That is purely your opinion so please don&1quo;t put it under “a facts”….. “a facts…
    anyways. I&1quo;ve found smite to be a relatively fun and very non-toxic (if you would compare to HoN who has the most de1ely toxic community out of all mobas) and is quite enjoyable. And the all free god weekend is not really a gimmick… Smite gives you so many ways to try your god (1 game rental, different modes). Just because you have lost your interest in smite doesn&1quo;t mean you have the right to go around and throw biased pe1pective to throw other people off it. It&1quo;s not fair of you for the new playe1; nor are you being fair to Hi-Rez; have some integrity sir.