Artillery Toys

  • Description
    • It's time to destroy some toys! Kick soccer balls, rubix cubes and teddy bear heads into stacks of blocks and toy soldiers. Hit the bombs for extra destructive force. Destroy the toy soldiers to win.rnrnIn this colourful physics-based game you will kick a variety of toys into a stack of blocks and toy soldiers. Each level requires a balance of strategy and skill to win.

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2 Reviews to Artillery Toys

  1. miscu~ on December 8th, 2015 6:28 am

    nOddly enough, as soon as they had to pay him for the extra hou1, their ability to plan the project to require fewer extra hou1 improved dramatically.nnyupnI worked at an EA company way after the whole “EA Spouse” debacle happened, and while there was frequent overtime leading up to release, it was not anywhere near as extreme as it had been before because—guess what!—they had to pay at least time and a half for all hou1 over 40nif a studio has to crunch relentlessly, it’s usually because they have someone like Molyneux at the helm, co1tantly overextending the scale of the project far beyond realistic goals; of cou1e he would jump at the chance to defend the practice

  2. ChristianVolet on December 15th, 2015 6:28 am

    It makes me feel better about using Ford’s website backgrounds for the Ford Focus subreddit.