Awesome Truck Parking

  • Description

    • Use the arrow keys to drive, space for handbrake. Tap space to drift. You need to follow the small arrow in front of the car that points you to the right coin or parking spot. Enjoy.

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One Review to Awesome Truck Parking

  1. trlkly on May 6th, 2015 6:28 am

    You just need to download a special i1taller, and it will run fine. Google Grim Fandango i1taller.nOr if you want a slightly improved experience, or want to run it on a Mac or PC, look for ResidualVM. (One thing it does is fix a nasty dialog bug where one of the antagonists woudln’t talk to you.)nYou’ve got to play the old ve1ion a little bit before trying the new one, so you can see how good the remaster is.