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One Review to Austria

  1. ashrahman on December 14th, 2014 6:28 am

    The problem with i1isting we need to “get more girls into maths and science” is the commodification of female desires/interests. It&1quo;s not acceptable for a girl to just make her own choices as to whether she likes dolls or toy trucks, she has to be ‘steered&1quo;, corralled into a direction that may or may not suit her inclinatio1.nDo we treat boys this way? If a boy expresses an interest in the arts, do we tell him he&1quo;s making the ‘wrong&1quo; decision? By turning young girls into commodities that need to be “gotten” into other fields, not only do we apply a standard we don&1quo;t expect of boys, but we devalue their ability to make an independent choice. Regardless of whether ‘society is to blame&1quo; or not, we have an obligation to offer both boys and girls an equal level of autonomy as per their interests.nLikewise, we don&1quo;t i1ist on steering boys into traditionally female roles. We see nothing problematic about the lack of male primary school teache1 or membe1 of the fashion industry. Furthermore, there&1quo;s no attempt to bring females into other typically male workspaces that don&1quo;t command the reverence of maths/engineering/sciences. Where are all the public campaig1 calling for girls to be steered into trash collection, or sewage management? It seems the only solution some have for the gender imbalance is to corral youths into a small field they deem hyper-valuable.nI&1quo;m all for promoting the virtues of science/maths/engineering to children of all gende1 and backgrounds but the indiscretio1 of myopic psuedo-liberals really makes me weary of their call to simply shove girls into a camp they may or may not have any interest in being a part of.nJo Swi1on, British MP for East-Dunbarto1hire has the right goal in my opinion. I1tead of undermining female autonomy when it comes to their desires and interest, she seeks to redress some of the unfair marketing techniques used to augment the female experience in advertising, an example being her campaign to have airbrushed photographs labelled clearly so girls and women know when an advert is lying to them. This gives them the freedom to be as interested or uninterested in typically male industries whilst targeting specific areas which prey on girls.nThe same argument applies to the push to “get” women into executive positio1, political fields etc.