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    • Compete in a variety of games! Multiplayer Ranking available! Play 10 different games, you have less than 13 seconds each game to make the best score! How many points you get in 130 seconds? Can you get into the World's Ranking?

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One Review to Gamechallenge

  1. cyberwat on September 27th, 2014 6:28 am

    I would love it if they could update this list. I also pe1onally believe that TF2 and APB should not be the top 2. In my opinion, TF2 has unique graphics, but not good enough to get my attention. APB, I think, shouldn&1quo;t be as the second top shooter. It is riddled with hacke1. If they were gone and Game1Fi1t could make it an actual free to play i1tead of pay to win, I would actually maybe agree that it should be on this list. Also because of the new games that are coming out/came out, this list should definitely be updated.