Annual Glamour Prom Dress Up

  • Description
    • Annual Glamour Prom will be held. Bella was elected as the Most PopularGirl.That means she will go up to get her prize. Now she is selecting dressesfor it.Help her to choose a perfect eveninggown and select some luxuriousaccessaries whcih can match the eveninggown well. Furthermore, give her someadvice about her hairstyle.I make sure that she will be the most shining star under your help.

Review Annual Glamour Prom Dress Up

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One Review to Annual Glamour Prom Dress Up

  1. DJR11 on August 23rd, 2014 6:28 am

    i got a monte carlo as well, but I’m guessing its because i played way too much of this game for over a year and never got it lol