Angela Summer Dress Up

  • Description
    • Summer is coming. It is a beautiful season and full of enegy. Girls are also going to step out of their houses to enjoy the green nature. But what should they dress? The colorful clothes in the wardrobe make them at loss. So come and help them choose the most suitable clothes.Let them go out beautifully!

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One Review to Angela Summer Dress Up

  1. PuddingBearzzz on April 6th, 2014 6:28 am

    I think Havok is rt about the monthly update.
    I have a twofer McDoofer for my bombs. I have a A-Bomb for Aeria Games Born To Fire that is just wow why would they even plan on making a closed beta when its highly unbalanced and the hitbox system is complete rubbish.
    sorry to be negative Nacy but my other A-Bomb goes to Creyteck What the heck are they doing. :/ The game has been released in China and Russia already when the game was scheduled to release in in NA several months after chinas release. Now they have the KR ve1ion already in CBT at Nexon KR…So does this mean WF is going be Nexon NA game?