Liberty City

  • Description
    • Liberty City is ruled by skeletons on bikes. Your job is to kill them and conquer the city back.

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One Review to Liberty City

  1. domsays on February 8th, 2014 6:28 am

    Hey, anyone that’s playing hearthstone right now and doing tavern brawls or even buying packs with coi1… really getting any new cards from Classic in any way…nSTOP DISENCHANTING YOUR CLASSIC CARDS!nAs soon as Blizz announced standard and the rebalancing of classic cards, I stopped denching them. I want my full dust back for anything they get rid of. Right now I’m holding 5 or 6 knife juggle1 and such.nBlizz specifically cited the druid combo (force of nature and savage roar), Knife Juggle1, and Leper Gnomes as cards they were going to look at for rebalancing. It’s not a guarantee, but to me that’s a sign I’ll be getting some good dust come standard.