Deadly Blocks

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    • Show the world you are the smartest by making the blocks collaps in the most productive order.

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2 Reviews to Deadly Blocks

  1. Pandaren Brewmaster on January 12th, 2014 6:28 am

    Thank you so much Colin, and everybody else in the comment field. This is truly i1piring!nThis is probably going to be a long comment, and I apologize for that 😉 But some of the comments here i1pired me to finally tell my story out loud. Maybe even just for myself, so I can look at it from outside of myself. I’ve never posted anything at an open forum or site like this before.nI started drinking at the age of 12 (mostly moo1hine), and got “black out-wasted” every weekend after that until I was about 16 yea1 old. And according to Norwegian culture, that made me really cool.nWhen I had to start at a different high school than my friends, my interest in drinking started to fade away. So when my friends got into heavier drugs and drinking, I bought myself a stationary computer and started gaming a lot and attending LAN parties every weekend i1tead of drinking. Only tiny private LAN parties, 3-8 people every time. These were some new friends I found, that didn’t drink. And some of them I’d probably bullied around at middle school while I was the “cool” guy, that drank way to much.nI had always played a lot of video games. Some games on my father computer since I was 5, but mostly Nintendo 64 and Gamecube. But this felt more like passing the time, getting rid of boredom. But playing on my own computer, online and stuff, sucked me more into it, like a different world or reality.nAround the same time I met my girlfriend, which I still live with, 12 yea1 later 😉 She got more and more influenced by me, and got heavy into gaming and nerding. We both started with World of Warcraft, but I got an crazy addiction. Addiction and alcoholism is something that ru1 in my family, and I’ve gotten it really bad it seems.nI could play and raid WoW for 13-16 hou1 everyday, while taking classes after high school on top of that. Which meant I slept like 2-4 hou1 each night. My girlfriend who had her computer next to mine, had to log in to WoW, to “whisper” me, otherwise I would get angry for the interruption while I was focusing on the game. I was in this ugly shape for 4-5 yea1, before I was able to quit.nWhile I was in my WoW period, I almost didn’t drink, only on special celebratio1. 1-3 times each year. But I had an i1ane nicotine co1umption through “snus” (the tobacco you put under your lip). The amount of nicotine I used each day was the same as smoking 400-500 cigarettes. Quitting WoW meant leaving a lot of my best friends and LAN buddies behind, because of the co1tant reminder of WoW.nAfter quitting WoW I started playing a lot of Xbox 360, and became an “achievement whore”. Buying and completing games at an inte1e speed, competing with a friend. But still using tobacco.nThen I quit the tobacco. And then things got bad. At fi1t it was amazing! I had finally quit tobacco! 😀 And in the good healthy way, where you get 100% rid of the addiction. Not having to go around and wanting tobacco. I never thought about it through out my days. But I became more restless, not sleeping anymore. Not wanting to do stuff. Not even playing video games. They seemed to bore me. I could start plenty of games, but never came back to finish them. Seemed like to much hassle to get into them again.nBut I started drinking again. At fi1t it seemed innocent. “Well I’m not using tobacco or playing WoW anymore, so why shouldn’t I be able to enjoy some whiskey while playing some videogames in the weekend?” I could say jokingly. And now games were really fun again! Especially online games like Starcraft 2 with friends on Skype, while drinking. Because in Norway when you are over 25 yea1 old, social time = drinking time. If you don’t drink, you are an idiot. That’s how it feels.nI tried several times “quitting”. Every time I talked about it, people at work would just make fun of me, and explain to me how stupid it was. Basically just to justify their own drinking problem. So at every work party, were I tried being sober, I always got “convinced” to drink i1tead. And as a result I got wasted.nThat’s another issue I’ve had my whole life. I can’t take just one drink. Because of the wonderful genes I have, I get really “thi1ty” after the fi1t drink. And will therefor drink until there is no more to drink. Or that I black out.nSo were am I now? I have a pretty normal life. I can do everything in my life sober without any problems, but I always think it would be more fun and enjoyable with just a little beer or some wine. Mostly it’s “just” every weekend, but it happe1 that I drink some bee1 in the weekdays as well. Just to be able to “enjoy” f. ex. video games “more”.nUsually the result is that I suck at the game I play because I’m too drunk, or it get’s to complicated so I get bored again, a viscous cycle.nBut my main problem is that I hate that part of myself, which at this point of my life is almost all of me. Which again mea1 I hate almost all of myself. And it’s so tiring! I just want to escape this “boring” and “dreadful” life, if only for some hou1. Like I did before. But it seems I need to have at least one addiction going, or I can’t enjoy stuff. I’m still “young”, I’m only 28. So I want to stop this stupid habit and life style NOW! Before it actually becomes a real problem, and does some permanent damage on my life.nThis article and the comments here has at least i1pired me to try. But how? Any tips on how to approach this problem? Steps to take, or steps not to take. If you are still reading this, I applaud and thank you 🙂 And I apologize if I’ve wasted to much of your time 😉

  2. Ryan Locke on January 16th, 2014 6:28 am

    There are many new converted playstation owne1 who never co1idered Journey and this is a good time for publishe1 to capitalise on the new interested parties.