3D Muscle Car Race

  • Description
    • 3D Muscle car race is the ultimate driving challenge in a stunning 3D environment with the most powerful muscle cars out there that will allow you to test and improve your racing and driving skills in a car ride that you will never forget. Hop into one of these great muscle cars, start you powerful engine and prepare yourself for the driving experience of your life in this realistically stunning 3D game. Prove your driving skills by getting to the check point of every one of the 10 levels in the chaotic traffic that 3D Muscle Car Race game brings. Good luck and have the time of your life on the road!

Review 3D Muscle Car Race

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One Review to 3D Muscle Car Race

  1. Fazer on September 19th, 2013 6:28 am

    I just hope there is more stuff to do after the Story is complete. Far Cry 3 had almost no replay value after all the camps were liberated and the singleplayer was finished.