Airport Service Parking

  • Description
    • Parking airplanes has always been fun. Try your parking skills while playing Airport Service Parking game. Your airplane has been damaged by a severe storm and your mission is to park the damaged airplane to the airport service area to get it fixed. Play 12 levels full of dangerous obstacles and tight turns. Can you park all the airplanes and save the day?

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One Review to Airport Service Parking

  1. Abricalio on August 20th, 2013 6:28 am

    I think anticipation of faults is valid when a company has a history of faults for online components. Just straight up dock points until a valid server load has been tested and the bugs proven to not exist (minimum 2 weeks AFTER LAUNCH, but more likely a month), and then and only then increase their score if no major bugs/server issues have happened. You’d end up with a lot of online games being at 4-6/10, but you could still differentiate the score from it’s new features and what are derived from it’s likely online problems based on history.nOne might think that’s “guilty before proven innocent”, but I think it’s just precedent.