Light People on Fire

  • Description
    • A funny skill game where you light as many people on fire as you can!

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One Review to Light People on Fire

  1. SirMoogie on May 14th, 2013 6:28 am

    It’s not like that either as houses are not copyrightable material as they are not, roughly speaking, ideas. Houses are implementatio1/i1tantiatio1 of blueprints, which are copyrightable. So, a better example would be that you made blueprints for a really slick house that made you millio1 once i1tantiated as houses, and continues to make revenue through derivative housing works. Someone that did not purchase any rights to use your idea built the bathroom from your slick house and then got huge media attention, not necessarily for being an awesome builder, but because they built your famous bathroom. Furthermore, because your awesome house is self replicating and can teleport, everyone can now have your awesome bathroom in their home without paying. You then said that the bathroom was my idea and I still hold rights to it, even though you all love my bathroom I’d like to still earn money on creating my houses and this effort prevents me from doing so.n I think this situation a bit more complex than your example.