Beauty Parlour

  • Description
    • Imagine that you have a fashion beauty parlour, what service will you offer to girls. Now there is a fancy lady in your parlour. She wants to have a makeover and design a new hairstyle. Are you confident to let her be satisfied with your service? Show us your fashion talent and skills to help her look more amazing!

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One Review to Beauty Parlour

  1. NETIZEN on April 14th, 2013 6:28 am

    GTFO, like anything you say holds any weight.
    Also, some advice never admit you are affiliated with any company unless you are on their payroll and they ASK you to. What you say effects them, good or most of the time bad. So next time i1tead of spouting out you&1quo;re a mod, like people care. Just leave it out and say you have been playing for a long time. kthxbye.