Crazy Wheels

  • Description
    • Modify your car in the garage and pick a race. Earn money for upgrades and better cars by finishing as one of the first three drivers. Enjoy 10 different tracks, 11 cars each with upgrades, 4 different weapons and 10 special tracks in this crazy online driving arcade game.

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One Review to Crazy Wheels

  1. why the worries on June 3rd, 2012 6:28 am

    Yeah, that makes se1e — but still there will be people registering more therefore the more one pe1on registe1 the more likely they will get tickets — so see there is a flaw in that as well. If I registered say 10 times with 4 tickets that&1quo;s 40 tickets I can purchase, its still not solving the issue. if even half of them 5 get selected that&1quo;s still more for me then the pe1on who just say registered once for 1 ticket. They need a bigger arena or open another show.