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    • Try completing all levels as fast as possible. Use the arrowkeys to move and shift your weight.

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One Review to Daggietrail

  1. philophosphorex on May 31st, 2012 6:28 am

    What? No. That isn&1quo;t how that works. I am sure SK was incorporated. You can&1quo;t go after the assets of a corporation&1quo;s (or even any other company, assuming you&1quo;re not talking about the owne1) employees to settle a debt.nPretty much, with the SK practically gone, Epic will never see the entirety of these damages. Furthermore, SK certainly has SOME assets available to pay off the damages—if SK sold off a lot of its stuff to this new company Dyack created, that money went somewhere. I&1quo;m sure that sale was super fishy and so perhaps there is further recou1e agai1t Dyack.nMy point is, unless that one guy willingly put himself into a position to be liable for SK&1quo;s debts somehow, there is no way Epic is going to ruin his life no matter how they pu1ue it. It would not at all be petty of them—it would be expected with such a large ruling on the line and mostly it would co1ist of trying to move themselves up the ladder who gets payouts fi1t (i.e., Epic wants to be paid before, say, Sammy Sandwich Shop which catered all of SK&1quo;s lunches on a tab or something, to e1ure they get as much money as they can, etc.)—assuming SK is no longer solvent (and, frankly, I don&1quo;t see how they can be if all their assets were siphoned off to some new venture, there is less than a skeleton crew remaining, and this was all done in anticipation of this appeal—which I am betting was done more to buy time than because of any realistic expectation of success).