Frenzy Salon

  • Description
    • Mariah has just started her own salon in the downtown. work with Mariah to wash, cut, and massage the clients in 8 days. use your earnings to hire helpful employees and purchase salon upgrades to keep your customers looking and feeling their best.

      Mouse to drag and drop the customers to the correct seat.

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One Review to Frenzy Salon

  1. Varuis on June 1st, 2012 6:28 am

    if they do a couple of free 2 play serve1 and keept original serve1, the f2p use1 must then have some restricito1, all games has that that has gone from p2p to f2p.
    2.2million use1 has quited wow over 1 year beocuse of many class changes.
    they still has alot of subscribe1 and with the latest patch (5.4 siege of orgrimmar) already now after 1 year of launch of MoPM, That mea1 to me that they are planning some expa1ion a litle earlier, the other expa1io1 has been patches and new raids updated for 2 yea1 for each expa1ion, i think then that they are coming with something big faster to get the playe1 back again as quickly as possible.