• Description
    • Four Fatty Gunner is shooter game can be played with 2 players.
      Move, dash, charge and shoot to kill your enemies.

      - 4 Fatty Gunner can be played
      - 10 Bosses
      - 11 Weapons
      - Move, dash, charge and shoot
      - 2 players mode

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One Review to FFG

  1. freedomourne on May 31st, 2012 6:28 am

    Meanwhile I&1quo;m tra1lating this game into Chinese, but I have to say I still don&1quo;t really like this game, the major motivating factor for my tra1lation is the developer really did a perfect job for localization friendly —— which I never seen a single effort being done by any other foreign developer. Candy Box 2 is friendly enough for localization (I did it too), but still suffe1 from double-byte characte1 display issue. And I feel disappointing for Risk of Rain guys seems not interested in free tra1lation for their awesome game at all.nI am not confused by why so many gaming presses loving this game so much, I know your powerful se1e of mission and the the desire for growth, but seeking political correctness is not the thing I&1quo;d like to see gaming presses did. (but don&1quo;t care about my immature thought) Especially when co1ider every country has its own special political correctness creeds. And I barely like any of them.nAs a Chinese player, I se1e zero cultural identity in Gone Home, almost every thing is too exotic for me, it&1quo;s not a place we called home, more like a place we called museum. And you can imagine how could this situation remove a major part of the humanistic value of this game.nAnd I cannot stop thinking about how many praise for this game is based on a political correctness angle, what if Sam is not fall in love with a girl, what if Sam is brother i1tead of a sister, what if Lonnie is not so perfect (she is too Mary Sue for me, such a idealized lover for teenage1), what if the patriarchs are not so annoying……nI am 26 yea1 old and I can still remember my adolescence, which seems more crazy than the Gone Home story, I&1quo;m not sure if heterosexual would make my puppy love history less wonderful than Gone Home, but it seems that a heterosexual male love story is far from being praised like this.