Hyper Block Game

  • Description
    • Try to drop out blocks using less balls.


      1 - 4 - Select ball
      SpaceBar - Bang bomb
      R - Reload level
      S - Sound on/off

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One Review to Hyper Block Game

  1. WkdBen on April 16th, 2012 6:28 am

    Da-Bomb! To Archeblade even tho its not out yet, It looks like a good game and seen as Dragon Nest was a great skill shot game then Archeblade should be as good but with more pvp and better graphics..
    Allso Da-Bomb to you guys for mentioning my last bombs :))
    A- Bomb to all the develope1 of games witch get shut down >:[ These people annoy me hugely! For the fact that I used to play Luna Online all the time! and that the develope1 stoped updating the game because they wanted more money and were being greedy ass son of a bitch&1quo;s and ruining a great game for everyone! A new luna was launched but it was just not as good and didnt feel the same, To all the greedy ass develope1 out there ” GET YOUR SHIT RIGHT! “