Gardener’s Secrets

  • Description
    • A mischievous gardener hid many fruits in the garden. So try to find them all! Use your observative skill in this hidden object game.

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2 Reviews to Gardener’s Secrets

  1. DAwGia on April 5th, 2012 6:28 am

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  2. GameboyKnight on April 13th, 2012 6:28 am

    Well that sucks and really ange1 me. I&1quo;ve been playing with Beanfun! since they launched Hero108 and was there for Lucent Heart&1quo;s Sneak Peeks and then the birth of the EU Branch. Lucent Heart and Soul Captor were very grindy games and games like that are hard for someone who solos(like myself). But regardless, I played because of the customer service and interactio1 you were getting from the GMs and everyone. They were the most respectful, honest, and caring group of people I have ever seen work for a gaming company. Most specifically Tiramisu, Mochi, and CoffeeCake were memorable people and it&1quo;s a little unnerving that they are out of a job now. No matter what had happened, Beanfun&1quo;s crew even on the tech support side was very respectful and caring.
    Then I go to a company like Nexon, Aeria, or Funcom, where they are charging my payments thrice, or declining payments, terminating services and not giving two dam1 about anything. Terrible customer service and just terrible people. And they prosper.
    Gamania&1quo;s motto was to “Have a good game!” They wanted everyone to enjoy some type of gameplay and they picked the best team ever. Gamania also worked with me and allowed me to compose music for Lucent Heart that made it into their game. Just a normal player that they confronted and asked if I would like to compose. They made a dream come true! They really did. I am so grateful for that company and pray that everyone that was involved with it may find new jobs elsewhere and keep positive.
    CHIN UP!