Baby Monster Nose Problems

  • Description
    • Baby Monster has some nose problems in this new doctor game and you will need to fix them as you are the best at this. All the tools are ready for you so jump right in and follow the instructions.rnUse the mouse to fix Baby Monsters nose.

Review Baby Monster Nose Problems

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One Review to Baby Monster Nose Problems

  1. deep end on March 19th, 2012 6:28 am

    What do they owe me? You really ask that?nThey don’t owe me a thing but for what I payed for. Were you expecting more out of the product? I bet the company that made it was too. nIf a product fails for a company, they have enough of a problem. Hell, they would be lucky to have our problems with their failed product.nThis sounds too much like you are expecting and encouraging othe1 to expect an inheritance from a dead relative. So much for cherishing the the time you had together.