2D World

  • Description
    • Welcome to the 2D World – an easy, yet tremendous world of puzzles and challenges of different kind. Here you will find any types of levels, created by other players: from funny and easy ones to hard and impossible to complete. And if you feel like creating your own masterpiece or simply could not find a level you like, then do not hesitate to visit the level editor. There you can create anything you want, using just your imagination.

      Each level has a drag-and-drop circle with which you can move objects in the level. All green objects need to get on the green field

      Control Scheme:
      Quit the Level: Q
      Restart Level: R
      [Create Level] - Copy object: Ctrl
      [Create Level] - Delete object: Shift, Delete
      [Create Level] - Edit object: Q, Space
      [Create Level] - Move object: Arrows
      movement: mouse

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