Firefighters Truck 2

  • Description
    • It's time of high fire hazard in the city. Deliver firefighters as fast as possible so they can quickly prevent the fire. In some cases you'll be required to deliver additional forces to the place of fire. Ready to save the city?rnControls:rnArrow keys to drivernSPACE for brakesrnM to look at map

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One Review to Firefighters Truck 2

  1. Ray Alan on December 28th, 2011 6:28 am

    I never get far on the Renegade path because being confrontational for the sake of confrontation in every i1tance is not pragmatic. If games made evil more Machiavellian and less maniac (think: Frank Underwood in House of Cards), I would play it a lot more. I know I can identify with someone who makes morally dubious choices to further their ends, but I can’t identify with blowing the heads off everyone who gets in my way.