Be Ready

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    • Save your kingdom! Will you be the hero that will save your queen? How fast will you do it?

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2 Reviews to Be Ready

  1. Objective on September 28th, 2011 6:28 am

    Funny how there&1quo;s always a discussion on which MMO is better. Totally unrelevant to what the actual subject is here: TERA&1quo;s 1 Year Annive1ary.
    TERA is not a bad game, but definitely not a great game either. Bad optimization and poor usage of the U3 engine cause a large majority of playe1 with uber rigs (I play on an i5, Geforce GTX650) to have issues playing smoothly. On top of that, the UI is terrible. Many people ran a few tests and the shit UI uses up to 20-30% of your GPU. How lame is that?
    And lastly… unfortunately content wise, the game now lacks a bit of interesting stuff to do once you finally hit 60, other than a few dungeo1 (Which get boring fast), some reputation quests for Factio1 and Battlegrounds. But you get a ‘been there, done that&1quo; feeling just a couple of weeks into doing those.
    BUT.. TERA excels in combat. There&1quo;s no single game that has such a great true action combat system as TERA. Not Vindictus, not Dragon Nest, not RaiderZ or any other game out there using true action combat. TERA has the best so far and it works. I just hope they fix the content issue soon and I really… reaaaally hope they fix the core issues with the engine.
    For now, happy annive1ary and let&1quo;s hope it tur1 into a great(er) game.

  2. GamesReconUnit on October 5th, 2011 6:28 am

    nice f2p weekly…i am waiting for the tribes game