Mystic Journey

  • Description
    • The Mystic Journey is a platformer game but with stunning traps and hidden tiles.Player's mystic path makes this platformer more interesting and strategy based one. Player is supposed to move across, where if he enters some regions it creates some sudden enemies. All the tiles are not real some collapse if they are stepped on. If there is no way nothing to worry there could be hidden tiles for the player to move on.

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One Review to Mystic Journey

  1. Diamondketo on June 29th, 2011 6:28 am

    What attracted to me the most about Aura Kingdom is of cou1e the things I saw with my eyes that was the combat graphics. It looked really unique. The next thing was the combat system, I have never played an mmorpg where I can do a “partner skill attack”.
    I am an anime fan so of cou1e the anime art style attracted me too. There isn&1quo;t too much info that isn&1quo;t visual at the moment like in-depth information on class, eidolon, combat combo, and such so I can only be interested in graphics right now.