Super Appleman Destroy Bugs Castle

  • Description
    • Arrow keys to move; ASD to attack

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One Review to Super Appleman Destroy Bugs Castle

  1. Danny on May 30th, 2011 6:28 am

    That was hilarious… i dare to say SWTOR has literally the WORST business model out of all “f2p” games. It&1quo;s just a clunky trial that doesn&1quo;t even let you take off your helmet or show your achievments. I played SWTOR after release for months and it was awesome (the game really is) but their free to play model is pure crap, it&1quo;s unbearable even with “prefered” status. Just check their website about the differences between sub and f2p and then look at this article 😀 What a joke really.
    They aren&1quo;t very creative about their ways, i1tead of rewarding people who pay for it, they punish people that don&1quo;t spend by denying them basic features that are essential in a game to be playable. How can anyone be proud of a system like that?
    Not to mention, it&1quo;s a huge cash grab. The original Buy + sub every 30 days actually costed LESS than it does now to do have everything you need. They charge you for every single imaginable thing that makes any se1e in the game 😀
    Being able to buy that stuff with in-game money did help it but you can still only get the absolutemost important things.
    TL;DR It&1quo;s the wo1t “free to play” business model on the market currently, and it&1quo;s creato1 being proud of it shows extreme ignorance and money hunger from their part. What a joke.