3D Super Ride

  • Description
    • Go out for a ride and enjoy the power and confidence that your super car brings. But be careful because you might make the other traffic participants very envious on your brand new super car so they will start acting crazy. Now is your chance to show the other drivers your incredible driving skills. Start your ride and be careful because it would be a pity to hit other cars or obstacles that will come in your way. Get to the finish line unharmed and collect money that you can use to buy upgrades for you super car. Enjoy!

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One Review to 3D Super Ride

  1. Saiyer on April 30th, 2011 6:28 am

    Hope those getting laid off can find work asap.
    As for Gigantic…I&1quo;d say this was good news. The game was going to be exclusive to Windows 10, and I&1quo;m pe1onally tired of seeing so many games be exclusive. We already have a PC and Co1ole split…we don&1quo;t need more.