Adele Dressup

  • Description
    • One night, when Adele was in deep sleep, she had a dream. She was standing in a beautiful abstract world and looks more pretty.Do you want to know how she looks in her dream? Just travel with her in her dream, on the while give some really perfect outfits for her and have fun.

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One Review to Adele Dressup

  1. Kievrob on May 1st, 2011 6:28 am

    The guy makes a complex game in a platform that is not easy to control, and that doesn’t really makes a lot of se1e outside the casual, simple, “10 minutes distractio1 while you’re in line” type of games. A FTL lookalike like his would be way better off on Steam, where the controls would be obviosly tighter and faster.nBut no, the fault is in everybody else, who didn’t want to pay for his masterpiece. Games like Monument Valley and Badland, that take advantage of the platform’s limitatio1, were sucessful while still not being free.nThe creator saying his game should’ve been bought by more people is like a mother saying his kid should be at the fi1t place on a school contest. Not exactly a worthy opinion, and obviously mobile game1 disagree with him.