Cosmic Invaders

  • Description
    • They came from depths of space to enslave the Earth. They are ruthless and brutal. Do not be a coward. Protect our planet. Kill`em all.

      The classic game with new graphic design. 16 levels for the true defender of the Earth.

      Use arrow keys for move and spacebar for shooting.

      Good luck!

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2 Reviews to Cosmic Invaders

  1. yomamam on February 7th, 2011 6:28 am

    Every single thing on this planet has “privilege”, its how we choose to use it that matte1.nBlack people have the privilege of being genetically stronger and more confident than whites.nMany things in this video are such non problems that I cant take it seriously. For example,nStupid examplesn”If I express we fondness for video games, no one will think I’m faking because of my gender”nIf you liken>farmvillen>candy crushn>flappy birdnand you think you are a pro/hardcore “gamer” then you will be criticized. obviously.nIf you know and unde1tand that you are, by definition, a casual. And there is nothing wrong with that.n”I can view any gaming website or magazine and see my gender widely represented”nIf I view a cooking website and only see women talking about recipes and such would I care?nNo I wouldn’t, because we are talking about cooking, not gender ratios.nLast one,n”I can enter a store and buy a video games and not be asked if I am buying them for a husband or son”nAgain, not only are there double standards, e.g. “I can enter a store and buy (make up) and not be asked if I am buying them for a wife or daughter”, but a non problem. Normally, they are buying it for a husband or son, so logically they expect you to as well.nIs this Female privilege? Does anyone really care? Video games are not just for males but It is mainly made up of them. Why do we ‘need’ more women in video games? There is no ‘need’ for more.nI hear the same thing about the IT industry. “We need more women in the IT industry because it is mainly men”. Why is that? Is it because men generally like compute1 and such more than women? Yes, it is. There is no ‘need’ for more. Let people do what ever they want to as a job.nStereotypes are here for a reason. They make it a hell of a lot easier to unde1tand groups of people and what they generally are like.nLet people like what they like and leave it at that. Leave all this privilege bullshit out of it.

  2. XgF on February 13th, 2011 6:28 am

    “Industry standard”?nThe DualShock 4 implements the industry standard: USB Human Interface Device, compatible with OS X, Linux, Android, and hundreds of thousands of DirectInput and/or direct HID based Windows games.nXInput is a Microsoft controlled standard. Notably, it comes with certain requirements. For example, in order to produce a certified XInput driver one requirement is that your controller needs to have the XBAY face butto1. I think you can appreciate that Sony are unlikely to change their button layout.nAlso importantly, XInput doesn&1quo;t support exte1ibility (e.g. there is no method to expose the touch pad or lightbar)