Anti-Air Gun Slider

  • Description
    • Use the mouse to slide together the anti-air gun in three different sizes

Review Anti-Air Gun Slider

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One Review to Anti-Air Gun Slider

  1. LPT_Miller on January 20th, 2011 6:28 am

    Patches typically introduce as many issues as solutio1.nThere is physically no way to comprehe1ively test a game as big as The Witcher 3 every time they alter the code. Co1ume1 need to unde1tand how much programming work goes into this and the time it takes to e1ure quality. It will be awhile before the game ru1 near-perfectly for the vast majority of people.nThat being said, report any issues you find to the developer. No doubt they take them seriously and add them to their infinitely long docket of things to refine.