Mekong River Jigsaw

  • Description
    • Piece together three great pictures of the Mekong River

Review Mekong River Jigsaw

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One Review to Mekong River Jigsaw

  1. fluorinespark on December 8th, 2010 6:28 am

    I’d rather have this game available in the west, and have it flopped so hard no developer will think selling the images of half naked women with bouncy boobs mea1 good business. And now, all the women speaking up agai1t sexism in video games takes the blame for a publisher’s bad decision.nI know SJW is a dirty word, and yes, I freely admit, I want a better representation for women and other minorities in video games, that would make me a SJW. And for the record, I don’t want any game banned, not even that god awful “Hatred” game. I just want to be able criticize a game like people criticize a movie or a TV show. If developer want to make sexist games, I just want to right to call it out without being harassed. And hopefully more and more people realize sexism hurts video game for both men and women, and better presentation of women and minority in a game makes better games.